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Welcome to the Caravan Site Hajovna Kdyne web sites

Are you seeking a chance to enjoy peaceful days in a scenic spot of Czech countryside? Then you are on the right track and you will find it in the South-West Bohemia. We are offering a stay in a caravan site near Kdyne, in an area lined by beautiful afforested hills of Kdyne upland. The town of Kdyne is located by the the Czech Republic - Bavaria (Germany) border at the dividing line of the Sumava and Cesky les (Bohemian Forest) ranges. Ryzmberk castle ruins dominates the lowlands from one site, a modern look-out tower atop Korab hill (773 m above sea level) looks down from another.


The whole countryside invites to hiking and cycling. Surrounding huge tracts of forests lure to mushroom-picking or just pleasant walks. Because of short distances from tourist centres both in the Sumava range (Zelezna Ruda, Spicak, Cerne and Certovo jezero - a place, a hill, lakes) and the Cesky les range (Cerchov hill, the Haltrava range), there is a good opportunity for attractive trips from the camp. Accommodation is in chalets or own caravans and tents. Come to see that you will be happy.

We have prepared a short video presenting closer our beautiful caravan site near the town of Kdyne. This video might help you imagine where we are situated as well as where the nearby restaurant and outdoor swimming pool are located. If you have any troubles to run the video in your browser you can download the standalone video file. The file size is 186.2 MB and data are encoded into MP4/H.264 format.