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Price list

2The Caravan Site Hajovna Kdyne price list for year 2023. Season from 1st May 2023 to 30th September 2023. Prices are for one day including 10 % tax. Chalet booking is only possible before 6 pm of the day of your arrival (if no other agreement). The accommodation is possible since 1:30 pm. The reception office is open since 10 am to 8 pm.


Monti 5 beds with veranda + fridge 775,- CZK
Korab II. 3 beds with veranda + fridge + shower and toilet 655,- CZK
Monti 4 beds with veranda + fridge 635,- CZK
Vera 4 beds with veranda + fridge 635,- CZK
Lada 4 beds with veranda + fridge 635,- CZK
Korab I. 3 beds with veranda + fridge 480,- CZK
Lada 2 beds with veranda + fridge 330,- CZK
Inovec 2 beds without veranda 230,- CZK
School trips 1 bed 135,- CZK
Extra pay 1 – 2 night accommodation, 1 bed 40,- CZK


Car 55,- CZK
Motorcycle 45,- CZK
Residential minibus 110,- CZK
Trailer 35,- CZK
Bus 150,- CZK
Big tent 3 or more persons 80,- CZK
Small tent up to 2 persons 60,- CZK
Heating chalets, 24 hours 120,- CZK
Connection to an electrical current 150,- CZK
The pay for a dog 50,- CZK
Children under 6 years free
Children 6 - 15 years old 25,- CZK
Persons over 15 years 45,- CZK
Shower hot water (automatic machine) / 1 use 20,- CZK
Tourist tax person and day 10,- CZK
ATV 50,- CZK
Caravan 95,- CZK
Internet free
Laundry 1 cycle of about 2.5 hours 40,- CZK